The Concise Encyclopedia of Orthodox Christianity
The separation that occurred between the Eastern Orthodox world and Western Catholicism was one of the most extensive disruptions to Christian unity until the time of the European Reformation. Today the Eastern Orthodox Churches remain the second largest grouping of Christians in the world. The Concise Encyclopedia of Orthodox Christianity is an outstanding reference work providing an accessible English language account of the key historical, liturgical, and doctrinal features of Eastern Orthodoxy, including the Non-Chalcedonian churches.
Compiled and edited by one of the leading scholars in the field, this uniquely comprehensive volume brings together a large panel of internationally respected writers. It explores the major traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy in detail, including the Armenian, Byzantine, Coptic, Ethiopic, Slavic, Romanian, and Syriac churches. Spanning the period from Late Antiquity to the present, it encompasses subjects including history theology, liturgy, monasticism, sacramentology, canon law, philosophy, folk culture, architecture, archaeology, martyrology, and hagiography. The Encyclopedia is structured alphabetically and is topically central to the history and theology of Eastern Orthodoxy.
John Anthony McGuckin is Nielson Professor of Early and Byzantine Church History at Union Theological Seminary and Professor of Byzantine Christian Studies at Columbia University in New York. An Archpriest of the ROmanian Orthodox Church (Archdiocese of the Americas), Professor McGuckin is the author of twenty-five books on religious and historical themes, including The Orthodox Church (2008) and The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity (2-volume set, 2011), both published by Wiley Blackwell.
Professor McGuckin is assisted by two Associate Editors: Dr. Julia Konstantinovsky and Dr. Justin Lasser.