Vol. III a - The Holy Pascha: Lazarus Saturday & The Feast of Palms
A four part series which serves as a Guide to the Rites, Hymns and Readings of Holy Pascha Week: Lazarus Saturday & Feast of Palms. Our paramount objective in this series is to introduce the believers to the trialogue of faith-the harmony among the Holy Bible, the Church Fathers, and the rites of the Coptic Orthodox Church. rough this symphony of discourse, the believer not only reads the Holy Scriptures, but understands it through the homilies, exegeses, and commentaries of the Church Fathers. It is a brief and simple companion to the Coptic Orthodox lectionary. We hope and pray that through this series, the Holy Bible, the Church Fathers, and the Church rites are not only introduced to each believer, but are experienced by the believer as a deep source of blessing, wisdom, and faith.