SAC Bookstore is a seller, supplier and distributor of quality Christian Orthodox texts to loyal customers living in Australia and around the world.

At SAC Bookstore we love reading books and enabling others the opportunity to read, relax and appreciate new thoughts, ideas and narratives derived from prominent theologians, philosophers and spiritual leaders.

We are delighted to share a treasure trove of Orthodox books and encourage you to browse the wide and growing selection of books available in the online bookstore and our 'bricks and mortar' bookshops.

Alternatively, Australian customers can visit us at our local SAC Press Bookstores.

We have two SAC Bookstores located in metropolitan Melbourne.

EASTERN SUBURBS: 100 Park Road DONVALE (open by appointment)

EPORO TOWER: 279 La Trobe Street MELBOURNE with a gift shop and café. Enter via Sutherland Lane. The city bookstore opens in July 2017 with the official opening date and hours of operation to be announced soon.


Our vision is to be the leading Christian Orthodox bookstore in Australia with a reputation for quality books, inspiring SAC Press publications and outstanding customer service.


Our mission is to share the beauty, wisdom and intellectualism of Christian Orthodox texts with others through traditional printing formats and emerging digital platforms. Our bookstores provide a direct conduit to Christian Orthodox literature, enabling readers to immerse themselves in a spiritual sanctuary of rich, inspiring and life-giving words.