SAC Press is an independent publishing arm of St Athanasius College (SAC), delivering Orthodox theological courses at a tertiary level since 2000. SAC has also been affiliated with the University of Divinity in Melbourne as a Registered Teaching Institution since 2011.

SAC Press was founded by His Grace Bishop Dr Suriel in 2015 to ensure quality Orthodox books remain accessible to existing readerships and reach new audiences. The Press team has swiftly established a reputation for quality content, highly effective reader engagement and an innate understanding of publishing trends.

The boutique publishing house, centrally located at 279 La Trobe Street Melbourne, has released a new title by Bishop Suriel. in collaboration with SVS Press, entitled Habib Girgis: Coptic Orthodox Educator and a Light in the Darkness.

This text refines Bishop Suriel's doctoral dissertation completed at Fordham University and focuses on the life of a modern Coptic saint, Habib Girgis, who lived in Egypt in the 20th century and championed educational reform.

Habib Girgis was a writer of books, a poet, a great thinker and a reformer who established formal religious education for the first time in Egypt. He was also the much-loved dean of the theological college in Cairo from 1918 until his death in 1951.

Prior to this in 2016, The Life of Repentance and Purity was also released as a joint publishing venture with St Vladimir’s Seminary (SVS) Press, New York.

The Life of Repentance and Purity was written by Pope Shenouda III of Blessed Memory. The book was translated from Arabic to English by Bishop Suriel, with the support of an Editorial Board providing references to key source material.

This book sold over 5000 copies in a matter of weeks and immediately launched into a second print run, making it the fastest selling text in history for SVS Press.

Pope Francis was presented with a copy of The Life of Repentance and Purity by His Grace Bishop David, Coptic Orthodox Bishop of New York and New England.


SAC Press is also collaborating on a Coptic Studies Series with SVS Press and welcomes further manuscripts for consideration to