On the Two Ways: Life or Death, Light or Darkness: Foundational Texts in the Tradition

Popular Patristics Series Volume 41

In the early years of the common era, as Judaism and Christianity each emerged, their adherents saw that life presents us with a choice of following one of two ways, either of goodness or of evil, characterized variously as ways of life or death, of light or darkness, of truth or deceit. This conviction is presented to us in a number of different versions and literary contexts. This book contains the various presentations of these two ways from across the centuries. It was a choice faced by those being baptized as by those seeking a deeper knowledge of Christ and one which continues to confront us all even today.

Each version of the two ways is presented together with introductions which allow the reader to see the presentation of the motif in its historical and literary context.

Alistair Stewart is an Anglican priest presently serving in the UK. He is the author of numerous articles, essays and books on early Christian life and worship, including three previous works in the Popular Patristics Series.