Stages on Life's Way: Orthodox Thinking on Bioethics
Book 1 Foundations Series

Taking the reader through the stages of life from conception to resurrection, the authors plumb the vital wisdom of the Christian tradition, coupled with pastoral training and an awareness of medical and scientific data, to address ethical and moral issues. Among the topics covered are marriage and sexuality, embryos and stem-cell research, newborns and disabilities, addictions and family systems, and end-of-life care.

Students and scholars alike, especially those interested in gaining an Orthodox perspective on a range of some of the most important contemporary ethical topics, should read this insightful book. I highly recommend this text.

-Gayle E.Woloschak, Department of Radiology, Northwestern University

"Once again, the Brecks give us a thoughtful, well-researched, theologically informed book on bioethics that will set the stage for study and discussion for a long time to come."

-Very Rev. Stanley Harakas, Archbishop Iakovos Professor of Orthodox Theology Emeritus, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary