The Garden of Abba Antony: The Monastery of Abba Antony of the Red Sea

The stories of the saints are a practical application to how virtues that were acquired through hard work and spiritual struggle were reflected in their everyday life. The lives of our monastic fathers resemble a perpetual spring that gives nourishment to the earth and hence produces a garden of beautiful flowers. Each flower has its own beauty; its own colour, its own fragrance. But together they are beautiful. Likewise are the lives of the saints. Amongst those in the Garden of Abba Antony are the following three unique and beautiful flowers: 
The monk Yostos al- Antony,
The monk Tadros al- Antony,
The monk-priest Abeskhairon al-Antony.

This book gives a glimpse of their virtuous lives... 

- His Grace Bishop Yostos, Abbot of the Monastery of Abba Antony